Chilli Time

Something new from me today: a recipe! 

I'm absolutely not a fan of cooking, lets just clear that up. I find it boring and pointless- what's the point putting so much effort into something that will just end up in your stomach? However, this week I cooked two meals as well as making some amazing Betty Crocker brownies.I'm nineteen now and if I don't learn to start cooking more i'll never survive fending myself or feeding a family in the future. 

So, I made a meal i've made since food technology in high school- chilli. 
It's not exactly an award winning, master chef meal with paired with wholemeal rice it is incredibly healthy and tasty. What's not to love? 

First, chop up all your vegetables. I used two peppers, 10 cherry tomatoes, half a packet of green beans and half an onion. I'd definitely add more tomatoes and peppers because I love them and you could add any other veg that you love, such as mushrooms, mangetout or sweetcorn.

Next, open two tins of chopped tomatoes and two tins of Mexican beans. You can get these tins of Mexican beans from ASDA (or most supermarkets) and they're an easier alternative to buying the different beans individually. 

Make your stock. I'm too impatient to wait for stock, and since mine was going in the slow cooker anyway I rushed making it (hence its weird appearance). This is simply one vegetable stock cube. Easy peasy! 

Fry your mince off. For healthy mince, fry it dry and drain all the fat after its done. If you're making chilli to serve immediatly, add all the other ingredients to the browned mince but since mine was being slow cooked, I just fried it alone.

Open your pasatta. This isn't a necessary step at all and just one I add simply as we already have the pasatta in the cupboard. Pasatta is basically pureed tomatoes (we also use it as a base for homemade pizzas) so if you're already using chopped tomatoes, you probably don't need this.

Then, throw all of these ingredients in a slow cooker. Beans, pasatta, mince, vegetables, it all goes in. I usually tip in a bit of chilli powder at this point and stir it. Then, add the magic ingredient....

These 'Very Lazy chillies' are an amazing find for us. This tub is basically chilli pieces in white wine vinegar. That's literally it. I add one teaspoon because a). it's really strong and b). I stick by the motto 'you can add spices but you can't take them away'! This little jar is just an easier alternative to cutting fresh chillis and as it lasts in the fridge for something crazy like 3 months, it's probably more economical to buy this and reuse it. 

And that's it! I cook the chilli for at least 4 hours, letting the flavours develop so it's great to throw all the ingredients in in the morning, then leaving it on low all day and having your dinner ready when you get home. I check on the chilli every hour if i'm home, adding more Very Lazy Red Chillis as needed, or natural yogurt to neutralize the spices if I add too much chilli! I do add chilli powder but the chilli pieces do most of the work so it's mostly out of habit. Served with wholemeal rice or a small jacket potato, or even just on its own (the beans make it surprisingly filling) this is such a healthy and filling meal and so tasty too! It's includes your 5 a day and having the option to add different vegetables makes it so versatile.
What do you think? Do you love chilli? Any other easy recipes I could try?

G xxx


  1. seems yummy :)
    will be happy if you check out my blog too=)

  2. It is absolutely delicious! And so easy to make too! x


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