July Favourites

How can it already be August when i've only just piled together my July favourites?! Time flies! 

I think we all know how I feel about this tub of magic (they should really start paying me commission!) and if not, you can see more in my body shop haul. This month my butter's been working extra hard: I've been suffering really badly with dry, irritable skin on my face and i've found this is the ONLY thing I can moisturize with. I've even been reacting to creams and lotions i've worn for months so i'm not sure what's going on but i'll stick with Cocoa Butter until I remedy it. This stuff is so simple, nice smelling and hard working I don't think anything will ever beat it for me. Obviously there are other cocoa butter's around but The Body Shop's light, moisturising formula will always be my favouite.  

Frizz Ease 'Smooth Start' Shampoo:
I think we all know about Frizz Ease by now, don't we? I used to use the serum years ago but found it never really helped my frizz. However this shampoo has completely transformed my hair making it much smoother! I bought this shampoo as part of a 2-for-£8 along with some Frizz Ease heat protection spray and although the heat protection spray is terrible (can anyone recommend any good ones?) I love the shampoo! Paired with my favourite Aussie Miracle Shine/ Miracle Frizz conditioners my hair feels amazing!

Yankee Candle- Lemon Cream:
This candle smells beyond delicious. I bought two of these and burnt one in about 8 hours and i'm keeping the other one safely tucked in my underwear draw for a special occasion. The candle just smells like a lemony-cake that's just been freshly baked, yum! I love Yankee Candles because they have such a strong, accurate smell. I've linked up the 'Vanilla Frosting' candle (which smells equally delicious) because I couldn't find the Lemon Cream on asda.com but with these little beauties costing only £1 and a large candle for £12, I can't wait to buy more and make my room smell even more like cake! Delicious..

Vintage Ring Holder:
My mama actually gave me this vintage ring holder that she was given my great-great nana before she passed away. I never got to meet my GGNana, who was so important to my mummy, and my rings are so important to me so it's nice to have a piece of her and a lovely mix! The ring holder sits on my bed side table and the reflective glass makes it sparkle in the sunlight. The holder looks a little bit like a sombrero (honestly! They do!) and although there are some really quirky designs online (I particularly loved this one!) mine has a lot of sentimental value. They're so practical and make my excessive ring collection look lovely!

Remington B80P Shine Therapy Paddle Brush:
Hair brushes wouldn't normally feature on my favourites list but I paid £9.99 for this baby (instead of my usual pound shop bargains!) so it deserves a mention. I bought this brush because I was at a level of desperation only people with hair like Emma Watson circa a decent hairdresser (remember this?) will understand. Frizzy, difficult to manage and dry, I bought this 'shine inducing' hairbrush because it had good reviews and I seem to be on a mission to discover my hairs inner shine.... no luck so far. Saying that, this hairbrush is really soft, gentle and does make my hair feel softer.. it's also the best hairbrush to dry hair with as the paddle style makes it easy to brush thicker hair. Not as good as I was expecting considering the rave Amazon reviews but good enough until I can afford the much coveted complete GHD Brush collection

Dan Brown Books: 
As a huge book worm and also an incredibly fast reader, i'm constantly on the hunt for new books. I can't actually believe it's taken me so long to start building up my Dan Brown book collection seeing as i'm a huge fan of the film adaptations, but I can definitely recommend them. They're intelligently written, well researched and make me feel as though i'm learning as I read while still providing a brilliant plot. I paid around £1-£2 for The Da Vinci Code, The Lost Symbol and Angels and Demons from charity shops and 'pre-owned' on Amazon. Dan Brown's newest novel Inferno is out now and although i'm eager to read it, i'll wait until I can get it for much cheaper!

So there we have it, July favourites... done! Shame it's only 12 days late!
Hope everyone has a fab week, what have you been loving this month? 

G xxx


  1. Yes! Time sure does fly! Those are great July favorites. I've yet to try any, but you've got me really curious now. Thanks for sharing! :)


  2. Thank you, Huda! If you haven't already tried Cocoa Butter it's sooo yummy! Definitely my favourite thing in the world! I adore your blog by the way! x


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