Primark Heels

The famous Primark bargain buys. I see them on youtube hauls, in blog posts and even in magazines but whenever I go into a Primark I can never find these fabled wonder buys. Sure i'll pick up the odd scarf or bra but on the whole, I end up surrounded by cheap tat wondering where all the good stuff is being hidden. 

However, not this time!

Ankle Strap Stilettos- Primark £12:

These shoes are perfect. I've been looking for shoes that I could wear for more formal occasions- such as weddings and christenings that weren't completely unsuitable skyscrapers. They're basically dupes for the style Zara are known for, but for a fraction of the price. For £12 i'm so impressed as I was originally looking at least £18 for eBay dupes. The fit is almost perfect, although they are a little wide on the back but this is just because I had to get a 4 as that was all my Primark had left so I did not have the luxury of trying a 3 which I think may have been more suitable. 

 The shoes look a lot more expensive than they were with the simple suede detail and they even manage to make my feet look nice! I wore them for the first time when I went to an exclusive preview of the London Collection: Menswear at Harvey Nichols, in Leeds and I found my Achilles heel (excuse the pun) with these shoes. They are so damn uncomfortable! I'm not sure if it's because i'm used to platform shoes and having the support on the pads of my feet (not sure of the correct term for this) but they were uncomfortable there and also around my toes, but I think that's to do with me getting the bigger size, as i've mentioned.
Overall, i've been seriously impressed by these shoes and even more impressed that these fabled Primark bargains do exist!
Do you have any Primark bargains you love?

G xxx


  1. Ah what amazing shoes - they're sooooo gorgeous and £12?! That's so cheap <3 xx

    Gem │ ♥ │ Miss Makeup Magpie

  2. Thank you! I know, they're such a bargain and lovely quality as well, amazing! xx


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