A/W Wishlist

So it's now September (how?! Where has this year gone?!) which means summer is almost gone and winter is fast approaching.
 I'm a complete summer baby and hate the cold but with so many gorgeous winter clothes starting to appear, I can't help but get a tiny bit excited about my A/W wardrobe!

Oh my goodness... i'm so in love with my own wishlist! I could happily buy all of these things and wear them all winter long. I'm lusting over a tartan skirt and a mac the most this winter I think, they're so versatile and so classic. Tartan and two pieces are definitely my A/W must haves.. I'm planning to channel a very 90's 'Cher from Clueless' look this year! The socks and the over sized peplum top are both uncertains but they both look so wintery and lovely I couldn't resist adding them. Does anyone have any posts on how to wear either? The boots and the jumper are such winter classics although I do feel £75 is a little hefty for those boots they're just the perfect staple boots! I also included the full range of large Mulberry Willow Totes because I simply couldn't choose a favourite. Aren't they perfect? Although with prices ranging from £1,500 to £5,500 I think I might have to wait a while before I can start building my Willow collection! 

What do you think of my wish list? Have you got any yourself? I love to see them and get inspiration from you all!

G xxx


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