Wednesday, 30 October 2013


'The Comforter', Cat Costume, My favourite New Girl Quote, A 'Paffy' (Pug/ Staffy cross), Fairy Lights In Bed, Harry Potter Land with my favourite person, Nutella Hazelnut Brownies, Reasons why I love Audrey Hepburn.

My insta-pick for this month! Lots of quotes, relaxing and potential Christmas presents. My favourites! I'm totally obsessed with the 'Paffy/ Stug' which is a Staffy/Pug Cross. I saw one available for rescue in my area online recently and if my current dog wasn't so anti social I would have adopted him in a heartbeat! A charitable weekend saw me dress up as a cat for Halloween at work (original, I know) and baking brownies for my mummy to take to work (although I rightly got first dibs!) You can follow me on Instagram here and if you have any links, please send me them! I love checking out new blogs. 

G xxx

Tuesday, 29 October 2013

Pumpkin ideas:

With Halloween only a couple of days away and my pumpkin waiting patiently to be carved, I always get my google on and get inspired. I'm terrible at both drawing and carving so they never turn out quite how I want them too, but I always have fun trying. I've also been considering making a pie from the pumpkin filling this year as it seems such a waste to just throw it away.. does anyone out there have any recipes? Anyway, these are just some images I picked from Google that I loved and would love to recreate. Has anyone ever done the pumpkin eating the other pumpkin?! I just love it, so creative! Halloween is such a cool holiday (any holiday that allows me to watch Tim Burton films constantly is a winner in my book) and it's such a shame that we don't get as into it here in the UK as Americans do! I'd love to properly deck out my house and get dressed up and bob apples and stuff!  I also picked up some gorgeous Christmas Danish cookies and some baubles so i'm feeling very excited about all the holidays that are coming up!
How will you be decorating your pumpkin? Any super creatives out there? What's your favourite holiday?

G xxx

Monday, 28 October 2013

The Comforter | LUSH COSMETICS

Today was an emotional day for me as I used up the last of my comforter. *sad face*
this bar is definitely my favourite of all the lush bubble bars- I love the colour, the smell (similar to the rock star soap- very sweet) and I love that it's so long last- I got 5 bubble baths out of this bar. My only problem I have with the bubble bar is it doesn't create as many bubbles as id like: the bar tends to break up (see pictures) so floats to the bottom of the bath instead of bubbling up which means constantly waving the bubbles around for a good consistency which gets a bit tedious. Maybe this is just me being impatient or too demanding of the bar but when it is mixed the bubbles are amazing, so luxurious and plentiful! The bar also makes my bath feel really oily which is perfect for my dry skin and creates the most gorgeous pink colour. It leaves a sweet, long lasting scent on the skin and is honestly just amazing. 

Are there any bubble bars to rival The Comforter? What are your favourites? 

G xxx

Saturday, 26 October 2013

Hazelnut Brownies | Recipe

The easiest and yummiest recipe for the best brownies!
To make these delicious brownies you'll need one Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (the original and the best! Available from any supermarket) then add one bag of hazelnuts to add some texture and flavour. If you're not keen on hazelnuts then it's probably best to only add half a bag. Finally, add two huge tablespoons of Nutella to the mix. This makes the brownies so gooey inside... perfect. I always add a little sprinkling of marshmellows to serve because who doesn't love marshmallows? This is definitely the easiest and tastiest recipe i've ever made and I couldn't recommend it more! The Betty Crocker Mixes are the best i've ever tasted and so easy to make: simply add an egg, oil and water and create amazing tastes bakes! 
Will you be stocking up on Betty Crocker Mixes? Any others I should try?  

G xxx

Friday, 25 October 2013

Jewellery Storage

 Today's post is going to be Jewellery storage!
I decided to show how I store my jewellery as they're some of my most treasured possessions and I thought it would be more interesting than showing you my wardrobe full of clothes. I took inspiration for this post from my make up storage post  and I might make a feature of different storage solutions.. what do you think?
Anyway- here goes!

I keep my most sentimental bracelets in the box I received my Thomas Sabo bracelet in. I love the stripes on the box and it's the perfect size to store bracelets and even my watch!

Vintage Ring Holder:
I mentioned this ring holder in my July favourites post a while back and it's still going strong! I love this ring holder and although mine is vintage, there are so many quirky styles available online and they're so useful!

The Vintage Ring Holder sits on top of the Thomas Sabo box on my bedside table for easy access and also because I think they look so adorable!

'LOVE' over the door hooks- B&M: (similar here):
Yes, that jumble of black and gold on the right is my necklace collection! I really suffer with storage in my room as it's so small and this is the best I can do with the space available. I love a good statement necklace although looking at this picture definitely makes me rethink my theory that I have 'hardly any' necklaces! 

Chinese inspired Jewellery Box- TK Maxx: (similar here):
This jewellery box is probably one of my most treasured possessions. My mum bought me it as a surprise a couple of christmas' ago after I fell in love with it in store but couldn't afford it and I absolutely adore it. I love the cream colour, the chinese writing inside, the bronze metal detailing... the list could go on! I store the rest of my jewellery in it: all my earrings, all my bangles and other important pieces. I think it's important to have a jewellery box as a focal piece of furniture and somewhere to store everything! 

How do you store your jewellery? Any storage posts out there?

G xxx

Sunday, 20 October 2013

What Georgia Did Next Does Bloglovin'

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Are you on bloglovin'? Any blogs I should be following?

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River Island Sale Picks

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Saturday, 19 October 2013

Eyes: Benefit Nugget and Avon 'Very Black'

*Please excuse the terrible quality photos.. my own fault for getting inspired at 8pm and therefore having no natural light to work with!*

I was experimenting with some make up earlier and ended up creating this really simple but quite dramatic eye look. I swept Benefit's Lust Duster in the shade 'Nugget' (£14) over my lid first, using my favourite 'Fluff Shadow Brush' which is also by Benefit and is now a bargainlicious £9 in the ASOS sale! I then added a dramatic cat eyes flick with 'Jillian Dempsey for Avon''s 'Smokifier' which has actually been discontinued! I think its such a shame as the product is absolutely fail-proof and so versatile. Hopefully they bring it back or create a similar effect but you can find it on eBay here. I also added a little Benefit 'Show off! Eyeshadow in the shade 'Bambi' which has also been discontinued! I'm having no luck with this look.. however you can, of course, still get Bambi on eBay. Benefit seem to be the worst cosmetic company for discontinuing things... especially the ones I like! But 'Bambi' is so glittery it's definitely worth tracking down. I really like this look because it's so simple but looks so dramatic. I'd love to experiment with different shades for the base colour and maybe smudging in the smokifier to create a slightly edgier look that would perfect for every day.

What do you think of this look? Do you have any Smokifier dupes I could try?

G xx

Tuesday, 15 October 2013

Max Factor 'Smokey Eye Effect' REVIEW

I've had these smokey eye effect 2-in-1 crayons for quite a while but have only just got around to blogging about them after rediscovering them in my make up collection! I have the eyeshadows in three colour effects: 'Bronze Haze', 'Silver Storm' and 'Onyx Storm'. 

I love the crayon/pen effect because it makes it so blendabe and easy to create your look. Bronze Haze is definitely my favourite though: I love the colours and they're definitely the easiest to blend together to create a really interesting, flattering take on the classic 'smokey eye'. My least favourite is probably 'Silver Storm' because although I love the grey shade, the purple is a difficult colour and can look a little 'black eye' although this may be more due to my technique! Onyx Storm is the typical smokey eye colour combo (Black and White) and the perfect base to create an array of smokey eye looks. I love these eyeshadows: I love their creamy texture, the great range of colours and how easy they make creating a smokey eye. 

My only critism of these eyeshadows is that the ones I picked up had a rounded 'step two' as opposed to the more sharpened look shown online which wouls definitely make contouring easier! You can pick up these eyeshadows for £4.99 each here which is a really reasonable price, especially for Max Factor and especially since you effectively get two eyeshadows! 

Do you have any Smokey Eye Effect eyeshadows? Do you love them as much as I do?

G xx

October Favourites

Hi world!

I hope everyone is okay and keeping themselves wrapped up against the sudden onset of winter! I've not been doing much this week: working, a trip to the dentist (still scary at 19) and watching endless episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I also discovered Extreme Couponing which has cemented my need to move to America immediately!
Anyway, today's post is a quick 'favourites' post to round up a week of loving.

Mulberry 'Suffolk' Totes.
Please? Anyone? The bottle green ostrich one is just perfect. 

New Hair Styles: 
I finally dyed my hair! If you follow me on Instagram (georgia_cwood) you'll see my hair had somehow dip dyed itself. I dyed it dark brown using Garnier Nutrisse and I adore it! I feel much more normal with dark hair and it's perfect for winter.

Winter Coat Selfies:
This week brought soo much rain, coldness and I finally admitted defeat and brought out my fluffy parka. It featured in a post here and although it's not available this year, you can find a similar one here

Sunday Dinner:
Sunday dinner is my favourite meal of the week!  

As mentioned, Extreme Couponing:

Me and my dad are now both obsessed with this program. We actually ended up googling 'UK extreme couponing' but discovered it isn't as beneficial in England so we'll stick to living through these crazy Americans.

These boots:
Mentioned in this haul post I can't get enough of my new Chelsea boots! They're so comfortable and perfect for the winter months. 

What have been your favourites this month/week? Any Mulberry Willow Tote owners out there?

G xx

Monday, 14 October 2013

Rimmell 'Scandaleyes' Eyeliner | REVIEW

Rimmel Scandaleyes Eyeliner- £3.99: 
Like a lot of my make up, this was actually originally my mums so I had no idea how much it cost but I was pleasantly surprised when I found it on the boots website for £3.99. I wanted a liner that wasn't too thick and was long lasting and that's exactly what I got. I love this liner and prefer it to other, more expensive liners I've tried. It's precise, long lasting like I wanted and is perfect for smudging into the eyeline/ eyeshadow when I want my eye makeup to be less precise and a little more Kate Moss chic. 

What's your favourite eyeliner? Any more scandaleyes fans? 

G xxx

Hello Flawless

Benefit recently released their new 'Hello Flawless Oxygen Wow' foundation and I couldn't wait to get my hands on it! I went for it in the 'Ivory' (the lightest shade) and decided to review the Hello Flawless duo: the foundation and the powder.

I have both the powder and the foundation in the shade 'Ivory' which is the lightest they do. Although the powder is perfect for my skintone in this shade, the foundation is a little too dark and I try not to wear it every day because I feel a little self conscious that I might be a little orange! 
Alone, the powder and the foundation are amazing but together they really are phenomenal. The foundation makes my skin really glow and isn't too heavy. The powder is the same: it sits really nicely on my skin and doesn't look too caked on or 'powdery'. I feel really confident about my skin when I wear the two together and that's really important with make up.The last photo of me (selfie alert!) was taken at the end of a working day when I hadn't touched up my make up for a few hours without the flash on and I think it shows how luminous it makes my skin look. 
 I honestly don't have any criticisms of the duo apart from the colour issues I have with the foundation which isn't unmanageable and I think a lot of it comes from comparing this to my No. 7 'Match Perfect' Foundation which is the perfect shade for my skin. Even with the colour issue, I would happily say that Oxygen Wow is the best foundation i've ever used: it keeps my skin feeling fresh whilst providing a long lasting coverage and, of course, I love the Hello Flawless Powder to set my make up!

Have you tried the Hello Flawless duo? Do you love them as much as I do?

G xx

Make-Up Storage

I absolutely love posts like this! I harbor dreams of being an interior designer (if only I could draw!) and i'm obsessed with storage and interiors. My love of these things combined with my nosiness means I love seeing how people store their makeup, haircare, clothing collections and inspired me to show my make up to the world too!

This unit is supposed to have four drawers but I had no use for all four so took one out and have a three drawer unit instead! Every bloggers seem to have these drawers or similar and it's easy to see why. They're so useful and it's great to be able to see all my products. They contain the following:
Drawer no. 1: the 'spares' drawers- a blusher brush, a pack of tissues and lots of unused foundations. Drawer no. 2: the 'haircare' drawer- including Avon's 'Dry Ends Serum' and John Freida's Heat Protection!
Drawer no. 3: Unused/Spares- Lots of eye products I don't wear daily and lots of back-up Bluff-Dust!

'SKUBB' White Cube Container- IKEA: 
Who doesn't love IKEA storage? I bought the six pack of these containers and have them all around my room. I use the smallest one for my lip products. It's the perfect size and makes them really transportable and easy to rummage through! 

Heart Shaped Wicker Box- Matalan (similar here):
This box contains my everyday make up and although it's the best in terms of storage and keeping all the items separate, I love the shape and the size of this box; It fits all of my every day make up plus brushes. I can't find this box online but I know it's still in store and looks so pretty, I would definitely recommend it!

I'm thinking of doing some other storage posts: maybe clothing and/or skincare? Would you like to see more storage posts? How do you store your make up?

G xx

Friday, 11 October 2013

Harvey Nichols Menswear Showcase Event

 This post is so overdue! I wasn't sure whether or not to post it or just enjoy the memories (how sentimental that makes me sound!) but I had such fun I decided to share my experience with everyone. 
I was invited to Harvey Nichols Menswear Showcase event as part of my role of Fashion Correspondant with The Yorkshire Times and I was lucky enough to meet some really inspiring designers including Katie Eary (who was probably the nicest woman i've ever met!), Charlie from Casley-Hayford and James who was representing Mr Hare, among others. All the designers were so friendly and it was amazing to be around such inspiring people.  

Mr Hare's futuristic shoes.

Clockwise from top left:
All of the designers, an amazing Katie Eary 'Crayfish' Sweater, more Mr Hare shoes and an amazing embellished jumper from James Long.

My OTTE (outfit of the evening): an H&M Dress, Primark Shoes and a vintage River Island Blazer.

I had such an amazing evening and thank you so much to Harvey Nichols for providing entertainment, gorgeous food and of course, thank you to the designers for being so passionate, so friendly and so creative! I felt so lucky to be invited a long and everyone was so friendly. There will be a more extensive post provided via The Yorkshire Times so i'll be sure to link that up!

G xx