Ann Summers: An Experience

Ann Summers bra- £10 (similar here)

On my recent trip to Birmingham, I called into the Ann Summers there when I saw they had a sale on. I'm a sucker for a fancy bra so I dragged my unwilling boyfriend in and went to rummage. At first the customer service was nice: I was greeted, told to ask if I needed anything, the usual. I gave my thanks and headed for the sale rail. In the time it took me to look through one style of bra, I had been approached another two times. I thought this was a little heavy but persevered. 

I finally chose a bra but couldn't find my size.. Now, I work in retail so I understand about selling people different options etc. etc. but another girl approached me while I was obviously looking for something in particular which was great, she asked what size I was looking for and took over looking through the sizes, which was slightly strange, and when they didn't have the size she encouraged me to try the bra's 'sister size'. 
I understand the concept of sister sizes and do go up to a 34 back when I have to and only for cheap, tight bras because mostly I'm a 30/32 which are too difficult to find in cheaper shops. However, when I thanked her but said the 34 looked too big and explained my smaller back size in a way so she could see I knew what I was talking about, she said to me 'well you could just wear the bra on the tightest fastener'.
 This completely baffled me... Surely the point of working with bras is to find people good fitting bras, not try to sell them a badly fitted 'sister size'? If you ever have to fasten a bra on the tightest fastener when you try to buy girls, do NOT buy it! Bras stretch with age and wear so yours won't fit you in a much quicker time and no one wants that! I again thanked the assistant and managed to find two 32 backs of my own accord (strangely, the girl left me alone after I rebuffed her tighter fastener theory!) one of which was this one, which fits like a dream. 
I know lingerie shops are notoriously badly for OTT customer service but I really felt this was slightly excessive. I then suffered the opposite at their fitting room- there were a few girls outside but when I went in, was in the cubicle and when I came out, no one asked if my sizes were ok and did I need any help? On a more positive note though, the till staff were incredibly friendly, not too pushy and generally lovely so overall, a really mixed experience! 
I've only ever had really positive, helpful advice from Ann Summers before so this really disheartened me. I don't mean to sound like this is a really negative post but it worries me that people who are meant to know about sizes and provide people with good customer service could be tricking people into buying 'make do' sizes. 

Any other girls been pressured into the sister sizes? Any good places to look for 30/32 back bras? 

G xxx


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