Birmingham Again..

 Another month, another trip to Birmingham!
 Any long time whatgeorgiadidnext readers will know I love Birmingham because it's where my boyfriend is based at university and it's also the best place for shopping!

I had a few days off last week so I went for my first 'Second Year' visit!

The view of the Clock Tower from Sam's house.. he never tires of telling me it's the 'largest free standing clock tower in the universe'!*

Sam attempting to make his bed. Domesticated, he is not..

In our usual haunt, Nandos! 

We're all about the matching Christmas Jumpers this year! These babies were £12 from Primark and I literally cannot WAIT to wear it! I'm hoping to dress up in them a la Bridget and Mr Darcy and embrace Christmas for all it's cheesiness! We got them so early because last year they sold out in November and I wasn't having that! So excited for December already so I can wear this everyday...don't judge me! 

And finally..
What's a shopping trip without an unrequited love? This coat is just perfect. I already own 2.5 fur coats (the .5 is my mums I occasionally borrow!) but I just love this one: the length, the over sized fit and the softness.. i'm hoping Santa will see this and treat me as the £89 price tag is a little hefty for me!

Have you got your eye on any winter goodies? Any other matching christmas jumpers out there? 

G xxx

*Maybe not the largest in the whole universe...


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