This post is actually the last of my hauls this month (and probably for a while with Christmas coming up!) and features things from a range of shops and some serious bargains! You can read my other hauls here!

Hobbs Checked Skirt- £8 via eBay
This skirt was such a bargain! I've never really looked at Hobbs but the cheapest skirt they had on their website was £89 and I managed to get this for a bargain £8! It's the perfect A line shape which is more flattering on my petite shape than the classic 'kilt' shape which makes me look like a school girl! Sometimes persistent eBay searching does pay off!

Gok Wan Shirt- Tu @ Sainsburys- £20
This shirt was actually my mums but while she was on holiday it worked itself into its wardrobe and hasn't left since.. oops! I love shirts and this one is honestly the nicest quality i've ever felt, it's so soft fits perfectly. I linked up the whole of the Gok Wan tshirts as this one is no longer available but there some seriously gorgeous ones still online!

H&M White Chiffon Material Blouse- £4 via BHF Charity Shop:
I always forget how much I love charity shops until I go into one! I picked up this really simple white shirt for a bargain £4 because I never seem to have enough tops. It's a really weird chiffon-esque material but that meant it was lightweight in the summer and is perfect for layering up in autumn! For £4, I really couldn't say no..

River Island Khaki Skirt- £10 (sale):
I actually fell for this skirt when it was full price (£25) but couldn't afford it on that occasion, I then went to buy it on payday and discovered to my delight it had gone down to £10 in the sale! I'm glad I only paid £10 for it because the fit is a little weird. I'm only small anyway but this skirt is so short on me and rides up something terrible! It's also really big fitting, although the 8 seemed to fit fine in store, when I ordered online this 8 is huge! I could have easily fitted into a 6!

Black PU Heeled Chelsea Boots- £19.99 via eBay:
I must admit, I don't buy expensive boots. I like a different style every year so I don't see the point in spending a lot! This is actually the first time i'd bought from these eBay shops and I was pleastantly surprised. The boots are so easy to walk in (my biggest worry!) due to the platform heel and although they're not the best quality (i've only worn them about 5 times and they're already scuffed) i'm really pleased with them!


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