Hazelnut Brownies | Recipe

The easiest and yummiest recipe for the best brownies!
To make these delicious brownies you'll need one Betty Crocker Brownie Mix (the original and the best! Available from any supermarket) then add one bag of hazelnuts to add some texture and flavour. If you're not keen on hazelnuts then it's probably best to only add half a bag. Finally, add two huge tablespoons of Nutella to the mix. This makes the brownies so gooey inside... perfect. I always add a little sprinkling of marshmellows to serve because who doesn't love marshmallows? This is definitely the easiest and tastiest recipe i've ever made and I couldn't recommend it more! The Betty Crocker Mixes are the best i've ever tasted and so easy to make: simply add an egg, oil and water and create amazing tastes bakes! 
Will you be stocking up on Betty Crocker Mixes? Any others I should try?  

G xxx


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