'The Comforter', Cat Costume, My favourite New Girl Quote, A 'Paffy' (Pug/ Staffy cross), Fairy Lights In Bed, Harry Potter Land with my favourite person, Nutella Hazelnut Brownies, Reasons why I love Audrey Hepburn.

My insta-pick for this month! Lots of quotes, relaxing and potential Christmas presents. My favourites! I'm totally obsessed with the 'Paffy/ Stug' which is a Staffy/Pug Cross. I saw one available for rescue in my area online recently and if my current dog wasn't so anti social I would have adopted him in a heartbeat! A charitable weekend saw me dress up as a cat for Halloween at work (original, I know) and baking brownies for my mummy to take to work (although I rightly got first dibs!) You can follow me on Instagram here and if you have any links, please send me them! I love checking out new blogs. 

G xxx


  1. that Audrey Hepburn picture always makes me laugh haha!


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