John Frieda 'Smooth Start' Haircare Review

I've been looking forward to writing this post since I discovered this range! I'm sure we all know about John Freida's Frizz-Ease range by now and anyone with frizzy hair (like mine!) has probably given it a go. I had one of the serum's years ago when my mum used to apply it liberally to my unruly hair instead of allowing me to straighten my hair but since then i've been allowed GHD's (hallelujah!) and I experiment with different hair care. I thought i'd found the perfect hair care routine with Aussie (read about that here) but when I was at the end of my tether with my frizz and saw the John Freida range were all 3 for £10 in ASDA (they still are too- go grab a bargain!) I couldn't resist seeing if they made a difference. 

First of all, the collection is so much more than I thought it was. There's an infinite range for whatever you want from your hair: brilliant brunette and sheer blondes for natural girls and straight hair care for those that don't embrace the natural curls (or waves or just frizz!) but I went for 'Smooth Start' as I didn't want to overwhelm my hair. 

Smooth Start has completely changed my life: my hair has gone from unruly to as smooth as it can be and the amount of frizz has been seriously reduced. I haven't been completely transformed into some kind of smooth haired Disney Princess unfortunately, but it has helped. My only bug bear is that the heat defense is, in my opinion, useless. I thought it would help with the amount of frizz generated by those damn GHD's I wanted so bad (maybe my mum was right?!) which is where most of my frizz comes from, but it hasn't lessened it at all. The conditioner also doesn't seem to have made much difference and hasn't made my hair any softer. Overall, I honestly think the shampoo is the main game changer that I couldn't recommend enough. It's made my hair smoother and less knotty: I can now allow my hair to dry naturally without the fear of looking like Hagrid.

If you're thinking of trying the Frizz-Ease, or any other John Freida goodies, i'd definitely recommend heading to ASDA who have the best deal (3 for £10) and although i'd recommend the Smooth Start Shampoo, I can't wait to experiment with different conditioners to get some softness and extra shine into my hair!

Do you love the Frizz-Ease Collection? Any Heat Defences that might work for me? 

G xxx


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