Make-Up Storage

I absolutely love posts like this! I harbor dreams of being an interior designer (if only I could draw!) and i'm obsessed with storage and interiors. My love of these things combined with my nosiness means I love seeing how people store their makeup, haircare, clothing collections and inspired me to show my make up to the world too!

This unit is supposed to have four drawers but I had no use for all four so took one out and have a three drawer unit instead! Every bloggers seem to have these drawers or similar and it's easy to see why. They're so useful and it's great to be able to see all my products. They contain the following:
Drawer no. 1: the 'spares' drawers- a blusher brush, a pack of tissues and lots of unused foundations. Drawer no. 2: the 'haircare' drawer- including Avon's 'Dry Ends Serum' and John Freida's Heat Protection!
Drawer no. 3: Unused/Spares- Lots of eye products I don't wear daily and lots of back-up Bluff-Dust!

'SKUBB' White Cube Container- IKEA: 
Who doesn't love IKEA storage? I bought the six pack of these containers and have them all around my room. I use the smallest one for my lip products. It's the perfect size and makes them really transportable and easy to rummage through! 

Heart Shaped Wicker Box- Matalan (similar here):
This box contains my everyday make up and although it's the best in terms of storage and keeping all the items separate, I love the shape and the size of this box; It fits all of my every day make up plus brushes. I can't find this box online but I know it's still in store and looks so pretty, I would definitely recommend it!

I'm thinking of doing some other storage posts: maybe clothing and/or skincare? Would you like to see more storage posts? How do you store your make up?

G xx


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