Max Factor 'Smokey Eye Effect' REVIEW

I've had these smokey eye effect 2-in-1 crayons for quite a while but have only just got around to blogging about them after rediscovering them in my make up collection! I have the eyeshadows in three colour effects: 'Bronze Haze', 'Silver Storm' and 'Onyx Storm'. 

I love the crayon/pen effect because it makes it so blendabe and easy to create your look. Bronze Haze is definitely my favourite though: I love the colours and they're definitely the easiest to blend together to create a really interesting, flattering take on the classic 'smokey eye'. My least favourite is probably 'Silver Storm' because although I love the grey shade, the purple is a difficult colour and can look a little 'black eye' although this may be more due to my technique! Onyx Storm is the typical smokey eye colour combo (Black and White) and the perfect base to create an array of smokey eye looks. I love these eyeshadows: I love their creamy texture, the great range of colours and how easy they make creating a smokey eye. 

My only critism of these eyeshadows is that the ones I picked up had a rounded 'step two' as opposed to the more sharpened look shown online which wouls definitely make contouring easier! You can pick up these eyeshadows for £4.99 each here which is a really reasonable price, especially for Max Factor and especially since you effectively get two eyeshadows! 

Do you have any Smokey Eye Effect eyeshadows? Do you love them as much as I do?

G xx


  1. ooo these look really good! I love a smokey eye! Its definitely my go to make up look!

    Thanks for sharing your link on the #fbloggers chat

    1. They are amazing! So flattering and perfect for creating different looks! Thank you for readjng!


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