Night-time Skin Care Routine

So another day, another blogtober post! I'm really enjoying pushing myself to think of new ideas!
Today's is a little bit different from me: I'm not really one for skin care because I find it all a bit of a chore but as a sensitive skinned girl, I wanted to share a routine i've found that works for me, in the hope it could help someone else! 

This is my night time routine so I try to wash my face with LUSH cosmetics 'Angels On Bare Skin' (the most soothing face wash ever!) first, although i'm quite lazy so sometimes skip this part! I'm thinking of doing an updated 'What's In My Makeup Bag/ Everyday Makeup' post because it's all changed since my last one (here) so that would include my morning skin care routine! What do you think? Would you like to see another make up post? 

Anyway, lets get on with it!

First of all, I take the majority of my make up off with the Garnier 'simply essentials' makeup removers which is the best make up remover i've ever used: it's quite oily which is amazing for my super dry skin, but it comes off really well and is really gentle on the eye areas so it's perfect for everyone. It's also really long lasting which is seriously great for the £2.99 price tag and can be used with cotton pads, balls or make up remover wipes for a more intense clean.
I use Sainsburies basics Cotton Wool Pads because these are the cheapest around and feel bearable (I can't stand the feel of cotton wool so struggle for cotton pads!). 50p for 80 is such a bargain and they're so nice on the skin!

Next, I use my beloved Nivea goodies. I'm a long term Nivea lover because they're the nicest smelling, hardest working and most sensitive skin suitable products. I use the 'Gentle Cleansing Lotion' first to moisturize my skin and remove any left over makeup. This isn't the best product i've ever used, and my skin disagreed with it at first but i've stuck with it and now it fits into my skin care routine with no hassle! I apply it with my fingertips then remove it with some more cotton pads. Finally, to top off my routine I apply a huge dollop of the Nivea Soft Cream. This cream is essentially the lighter version of the original 'Creme' and perfect for everyday use, especially when used with the makeup remover and the cleansing lotion!
So there we have it... a night time skin care routine perfect for even the driest and most sensitive of skins that won't break the bank.. the combined cost of the routine is just over £10!

Do you use any of these products? Any other products I should be using? What are your picks for sensitive skin?

G xx


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