October Favourites

Hi world!

I hope everyone is okay and keeping themselves wrapped up against the sudden onset of winter! I've not been doing much this week: working, a trip to the dentist (still scary at 19) and watching endless episodes of Keeping Up With The Kardashians. I also discovered Extreme Couponing which has cemented my need to move to America immediately!
Anyway, today's post is a quick 'favourites' post to round up a week of loving.

Mulberry 'Suffolk' Totes.
Please? Anyone? The bottle green ostrich one is just perfect. 

New Hair Styles: 
I finally dyed my hair! If you follow me on Instagram (georgia_cwood) you'll see my hair had somehow dip dyed itself. I dyed it dark brown using Garnier Nutrisse and I adore it! I feel much more normal with dark hair and it's perfect for winter.

Winter Coat Selfies:
This week brought soo much rain, coldness and I finally admitted defeat and brought out my fluffy parka. It featured in a post here and although it's not available this year, you can find a similar one here

Sunday Dinner:
Sunday dinner is my favourite meal of the week!  

As mentioned, Extreme Couponing:

Me and my dad are now both obsessed with this program. We actually ended up googling 'UK extreme couponing' but discovered it isn't as beneficial in England so we'll stick to living through these crazy Americans.

These boots:
Mentioned in this haul post I can't get enough of my new Chelsea boots! They're so comfortable and perfect for the winter months. 

What have been your favourites this month/week? Any Mulberry Willow Tote owners out there?

G xx


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