Pumpkin ideas:

With Halloween only a couple of days away and my pumpkin waiting patiently to be carved, I always get my google on and get inspired. I'm terrible at both drawing and carving so they never turn out quite how I want them too, but I always have fun trying. I've also been considering making a pie from the pumpkin filling this year as it seems such a waste to just throw it away.. does anyone out there have any recipes? Anyway, these are just some images I picked from Google that I loved and would love to recreate. Has anyone ever done the pumpkin eating the other pumpkin?! I just love it, so creative! Halloween is such a cool holiday (any holiday that allows me to watch Tim Burton films constantly is a winner in my book) and it's such a shame that we don't get as into it here in the UK as Americans do! I'd love to properly deck out my house and get dressed up and bob apples and stuff!  I also picked up some gorgeous Christmas Danish cookies and some baubles so i'm feeling very excited about all the holidays that are coming up!
How will you be decorating your pumpkin? Any super creatives out there? What's your favourite holiday?

G xxx


  1. Ah I love these pumpkin ideas - will have to give one a go next year :)! Christmas is definitely my favourite holiday so looking forward to that next :) x


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