The Comforter | LUSH COSMETICS

Today was an emotional day for me as I used up the last of my comforter. *sad face*
this bar is definitely my favourite of all the lush bubble bars- I love the colour, the smell (similar to the rock star soap- very sweet) and I love that it's so long last- I got 5 bubble baths out of this bar. My only problem I have with the bubble bar is it doesn't create as many bubbles as id like: the bar tends to break up (see pictures) so floats to the bottom of the bath instead of bubbling up which means constantly waving the bubbles around for a good consistency which gets a bit tedious. Maybe this is just me being impatient or too demanding of the bar but when it is mixed the bubbles are amazing, so luxurious and plentiful! The bar also makes my bath feel really oily which is perfect for my dry skin and creates the most gorgeous pink colour. It leaves a sweet, long lasting scent on the skin and is honestly just amazing. 

Are there any bubble bars to rival The Comforter? What are your favourites? 

G xxx


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