Throw Back Thursday

'Throw Back Thursday' is a really popular instagram trend and it's so nice to look back at old memories! I thought i'd bring the trend to whatgeorgiadidnext for a different sort of post that I hope you'll enjoy!

My mum, her scrunchie and a very baby G circa 1994.
 Just look at that sofa!

A very unimpressed Nativity angel..

Still unimpressed, this time at a fairground.
Just look at my orange tshirt though, no wonder I was so unimpressed!

My favourite man and I. If you're from Yorkshire you might recognize our location: we were at the famous Denby Dale Pie Festival that is very inconveniently at the top of a huge hill. I wasn't impressed at the walk and when we got to the top and realized it cost £10 to get into the festival, neither were my parents. Cue us walking down back the hill. Happy memories..!

It's so nice to look at old photo's and remember happy (and unhappy!) times. What do you think of Throwback Thursday posts? Would you like to see more of them?

G xx


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