What's In My Bag?

Hi world!
Sorry about my absence, i've been spending time in Birmingham and not feeling very well... i'm suffering with winter-itis I think, I hate saying goodbye to summer!
Anyway, because of my absence i've decided to take part in 'blogtober' (read about it here) where i'll be hopefully blogging every day in October! So this is my first blogtober post: a 'What's in my bag?' post. These and hauls are definitely my favourite posts because i'm so nosey!
What are your favourites? 

Bag- Primark, £12
I picked up this bag on a recent trip to Primark where I had a lucky streak and managed to pick up lots of goodies! Haul post coming soon! 

I picked up this purse in June as a replacement for my beloved River Island one that was dropping to bits. I love the simple style of this purse- the cream snakeskin effect and the coin compartment being inside, but the card compartments are waaay too tight and the gold detailing is already scratched! I normally only ever use more expensive purses (my normal budget is £15) because they look and work better, but I took a gamble with this one!

Phone/Card Holder- Topshop, £14 (similar here)
This holder is meant to be used for storing a phone, a couple of cards and some coins as a mini phone holder/ purse but I found it too restricting and not a good fit for my phone (I have an iPhone 4) so instead I filled it with all the cards I use but don't need everyday!

Beauty essentials:
Two Katy Perry perfumes (my favourites!), Vaseline and my most recent MUA lipstick (review here)

'G' Notebook- Magpie
My boyfriend got me this for my birthday this year because i'm an obsessive list writer! It's such a gorgeous little notebook and I adore it! Almost too cute to use! I keep it in my bag for bus journeys or whenever I feel inspired! (Ps the photo would NOT spin the right way, apologies!)

And the rest...
Umbrella- Next (similar here), deodorant  mints, a pen and work essentials: a name badge and socks when I get cold feet!

So that's my bag! What's in yours? I'd love to see any posts!
G xx


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