Rebecca Adlington and the World:

This year's i'm a celebrity has seen the usual bundle of stars head to the jungle: the glamour model, the reality TV star and the athlete. Of course, last year, the UK played host to the Olympics where, quite frankly, we kicked some ass. 

So when it was announced Rebecca Adlington was heading to Oz, I was actually really excited. She seems like such a grounded, happy, genuine woman, with a talent and a great spirit. Rebecca is everything I had hoped from her and a true inspiration to women, and men, across the world.

However, it isn't Rebecca that's the problem. 
It's everyone else.
Tonight, 'Rebecca' was trending on Twitter. I clicked on it, intrigued to see what was happening down under. Except, it wasn't any updates about an OLYMPIC MEDAL winning athlete, it was a load of fully grown men and, i'm ashamed to say, women, commenting on how ugly she is, how big her nose is and how broad her shoulders are.

All I could think was, so what?
So what if she's not the most stereotypical beauty? Most of us aren't. Rebecca is talented and lovely and shouldn't feel inferior to any other women, she especially shouldn't have those nasty little thoughts that the cruel voice in your head whispers to you confirmed by thousands of people for the sake of a 'laugh' and for the sake of a few retweets. 

Is this really the world we live in?
Where we berate women for not having big boobs and a skinny waist, regardless of their talent? I imagine if it was those people making the, quite frankly, totally unfunny and tasteless jokes, being picked on they wouldn't be happy. Imagine if it was your sister or your mum or your daughter. They'd be distraught: devastated and self conscious. 

So why do we insist on doing this to woman in the spotlight?
All Rebecca has done is be an incredible swimmer and go on I'm a Celeb. We should be celebrating what her body has done, not picking on her for its flaws. Yet for all her troubles and her politeness and general niceness, she has been systematically torn apart by a nation that not long ago, were applauding her talent. 

The media, the general public, and even myself, constantly wonder, 'why are women so unconfident? Why have they no self confidence?' and the bullying of Rebecca just sums up why: because as a nation we continue to judge, mostly women, on their looks: on how tanned they are, how skinny they are, how well they're dressed. When we can't really comment on these things, we pick on their appearance. It's the easiest blow: like children in a playground, we insist on picking on people that aren't the prettiest. Although it's a well played tune, how can we expect women to be confident and self assured when they live in a world that judges them more on their appearance than their personalities and their talent? A world that says, 'oh sure, you're sincere and talented but you're not beautiful so we're gonna have to pick on you...' instead of telling them how marvellous and inspiration they are. Men don't help most of the time either: they're the ones retweeting these awful pictures from disgusting pages like 'LADbible' that think that if a women isn't chained to a sink and doesn't have 32DDD boobs, she isn't worth a look in, but that's another rant for another day.

All i'm saying is: when did we become so rude? So unthoughtful and downright rude? I for one will be ignoring all these haters and rooting for Rebecca and I hope she doesn't change who is she for the sake of some horrible bullies.

P.s bullies, you can respond to this post when you've won a gold medal, losers. 


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