The H&M Knit:

Scarf- H&M- £6.99

Although I spent the majority of this months payday on Christmas presents (i'll try and get a gift ideas post up soon!), I couldn't resist this cute scarf for £7. I've been looking for a new scarf for a while and as soon as I saw this one, I knew I had to have it. The colour is a really subtle pale pink, not too bright but still a nod to the season's biggest trend, and it's a really light knit so it doesn't become too warm. It is quite long, so i've been wearing it in the classic scarf style (pic 2), rather than just throwing it around my neck like I would normally! It's perfect for winter with the thick, woolly material and longer style and although it is a little itchy, it isn't unbearable.
I'm so happy I picked up this scarf and will definitely be looking to H&M for more bargain accessories!
Although I can't seem to find the scarf online, there's a really similar one here for only £3.49!
Have you picked up any bargains recently?
Any other knitwear I should be looking out for?

G xxx


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