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Warning: looong post ahead!

I took a trip to Lush after all of my facial cleansers, soap and bath bombs started to run out at the same time (is there anything worse?) and after Christmas decided to brave the hoards of people out shopping and get stocked up. 

This facial/ body cleanser was the first thing I ever bought from Lush and is definitely my favourite. It's a really thick, jet black sort of putty that once mixed with water goes on as a paste.  Although it's intended for people will oilier skin, I find it really exfoliates and brightens my dry skin. It's really hardworking so I only bought 100g as I use it once a week to just really cleanse my skin. 

Ocean Salt Scrub:
Isn't the colour of this scrub just amazing? I use this scrub at least twice a week and it's the only thing that's ever helped my Keratosis pilaris on my arms. Although it's main ingredient is salt, it isn't too harsh: the lime and grapefruit keep it fresh    and moisturizing. There's also vodka in it which i've heard is amazing for skin! It keeps my pores tight and really helps any redness so it's definitely a hard worker. 

The simplicity of this bubble bar was what really appealed to me: it's has the most wonderful smell- sort of rose/lemon/lavender. Very simple and relaxing. I think a lot of Lush's more basic goodies are over looked for the shinier and more colourful ones but sometimes you can beat a little bit of boring. I'm so excited to try this and have a really peaceful bath! 

This was actually a gift (hence the *) and I think we all know how much I lovee me a Comforter (see here) but I couldn't resist including it! A huge bar of sweet smelling, pink bubbly goodness, there really isn't anything quite like the Comforter. I find it best to quarter up the Comforter to optimize the amount of bubbles and ensure it lasts as long as possible.   

My favourite soap! The smell of Rock Star reminds me of the Comforter: it's a very similar sweet, vanilla scented soap that really lasts on my skin. As a soap, it's fairly average: it cleans me and smells amazing, plus it's so creamy and hydrating for soap, and since it doesn't aggravate or dry out my skin, it'll continue to be my favourite until I find anything that smells as good!

I picked this up on a total whim while I was in store; I don't know how else to describe the smell other than saying it smells like sweets: jelly beans, jelly babies, that sort of thing. I also get a hint of cinnamon and although Tangerine oil is one of the main ingredients, it doesn't smell citirussy. Although i'm not a huge fan of sweets for some reason this soap was irresistible. My only complaints are that when I used it, it's really drying (especially compared to Rockstar) and when I saw a picture of what it's meant to look like (here) compared to what I got I was a little disappointed... where's my sparkle!?

9 To 5 Cleansing Lotion:
I originally went into Lush seeking a new face wash/mask as I was using Angels On Bare Skin but felt it wasn't helping my skin at all. I somehow ended up being shown the cleansing lotions which wasn't quite what I wanted (i'm still looking for a face wash ideal for senstive skin, anyone?) but I was interested in the lotions so took a small bottle of 9 to 5 to try. It smells beautiful, really fresh, and removes all my make up while leaving my skin super smooth. I really like 9 to 5 but don't think i'll be repurchasing as it wasn't what I was expecting and i've found someone else....

Yes I finally tried Ultra Bland! After being directed to the cleansers, the lovely lady that worked there gave me a sample of Ultra Bland. I chose 9 to 5 over Ultra Bland because I preferred the smell but Ultra Bland definitely has more cleansing power: it took all of my make up and left my skin so smooth. I've never seen my skin look so clean! I think £11 for 100g is a little excessive, even though it works I had to use quite a lot on my sensitive skin and I think at the end of the day, it's just a makeup remover.

So there is is! My mammoth Lush post! Did you pick up any Lush goodies over Christmas in the sales? Any face masks that would suit me for every day use? Should I stick with 9 to 5 and UltraBland? Thanks for sticking with this post and thank you also to all the bloggers that sent their links over to me in the most recent twitter chat. My blog reading is sorted for the rest of the week! There are so many amazing, genuine, lovely bloggers out there and I adore socialising with you all! 


  1. I'm seeing so many Lush hauls lately, I really need to go check out their lovely goodies (and the sale they have on). Everything you picked up looks fab, happy new year to you! :) x

    Oh So Bridie | Fashion, Beauty & Lifestyle

    1. You definitely do! The Angel Delight soap was on sale and there were so many gorgeous gift sets, perfect for treating yourself! Happy New Year too, thank you for commenting! x


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