Matalan Christmas Goodies!

So it's almost that time of year.... We're all hunting down Christmas jumpers, scented candles and chocolate decorated as cute festive figures... Although pretty much every shop is doing all of the above, i'd definitely have to recommend Matalan. Affordable and with most of the Christmas goodies in the sale until Monday, they're the best place to go.

Baked Cookie Candle:
This candle smells so good. It's definitely an accurate smell and incredibly sweet. My mum hates it and thinks it's overly sweet but I think it's so festive and yummy. For £3 you get a lot of candle for your money and the smell is actually really strong. I was pleasantly surprised with how good it smells and how long lasting it is. There are a few different variety's in store so i'd definitely recommend going in and having a sniff to find your favourite!

Christmas Tree Decoration:
I bought this mini silver metal tree because I literally had no decorations. I had my tree and that was it which didn't feel very festive. So, I picked this tree up to just spruce up a corner of my room. It's very simple and a lovely silvery/white colour which matches my colour scheme perfectly. Although I can't find it online, it's still available in store!

Thorntons Chocolates and Lindt Santas:
I actually can't remember how much I paid for these because presents start to blur into each other eventually.. The chocolates are a gift for my boyfriends mum and dad and the santa's are for my boyfriend and maybe myself..! 

And finally, meet JimBob!
These adjustble figurines are just the epitome of Christmas tat. They're completely useless but so adorable. You can get them in Santa, Reindeer and Robin form and our Santa, Jimbob is so cute. Again, these aren't available online but are still in store! Although, as you can see, our dog is less than impressed with him...

Have you picked up any Christmas goodies yet? Do you think it's the season for festive tat or prefer a more classic look?

G xxx


  1. Love a good scented candle especially a cinnamon one for Christmas!

    I found your blog via BLoglovin and it would be great if you could take a look at my latest posts :) xx

    1. There's nothing nicer than a scented candle is there?! Thank you so much for commenting, i'll definitely be checking out your blog! xx

  2. What a cute candle! Love decorating for Christmas!
    Hope you can come visit me too :)
    xx Michelle

    1. Me too! The festive period is definitely my favourite for decorating! Thank you for commenting, i'll be sure to check out your blog! x


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