January favourites

Hi world!
So January is almost over and with the terrible weather we've been having, i've found myself more drawn to my beauty/ skincare collection: keeping my skin hydrated is my top priority in colder weather whereas I tend to just layer up fashion wise! Keep your eyes peeled for a haul post coming this week though... 

Possibly one of the most raved about eye creams, i've been using this Benefit beauty religious recently to protect my sensitive skin against the elements and insomnia. It's super silky and sinks into the skin so quickly.

This candle smells absolutely amazing. My boyfriend got me it for Christmas and I was very pleasantly surprised! It's description online is: 'The serene beauty of the sun's golden rays as they dip into still blue waters, calling to mind the musky descent of nightfall' which is a bit long winded but accurate. Slightly cinnamon-y and musky, it's a really relaxing smell.

I bought this brush after seeing it recommended on endless blogs and after getting sick of my preferred sponges absorbing most of my foundation! I've only used the brush twice but so far it definitely seems worth the hype: it's made my foundation look much smoother and i'm looking forward to experimenting to see if it can contour. 

I've had various V05 conditioners over the years and always take them on holiday as the little 99p bottles are so handy, but i've never really seen it work any magic on my hair. However, when my shower tray was getting a little crowded I started using up spare conditioners and I was absolutely blown away by the V05 ones! I've tried 3 of the conditioners and they all make my hair super soft and this one has really added some shine. For 99p for the small bottle and between £1.89-£3.99 for 500ml it's a really inexpensive and impressive conditioner.

I'm not normally one for Chocolate scented body products as the smell is normally really synthetic and overly sweet. I've been loving this Shower Cream from the Body Shop that I recieved for Christmas though: the smell isn't quite chocolate but is really sweet and definitely cocoa-inspired. It lathers up really well and the smell lingers for ages. I'd definitely repurchase the shower gel and I love the sound of the lip balm!  

You can find this mentioned in my Lush haul and although I have been using it for its main purpose (as a make up remover on an evening), i've found it to be really effective using it to freshen up and prep my skin before applying my make up on a morning. It makes my skin feel calm and fresh and allows my make up to go on like an absolute dream: my normally dry skin is hydrated and any imperfections are soothed. 

That's my skin care heavy January favourites! 
Have any of these made your favourites for this month? 


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