What I Got For Christmas 2013:

Rare London Tassled Dress

Leopard Print Scarf

My usuals! (see here)

Christmas Chocolate is always a winner. 

Lots of lovely baking goodies!

The Help overload (read my review here

And finally, my new amazing canvas and blogging background! It's crayons melted and made by my amazingly talented sister. It's absolutely beautiful and so unique: thoughtful presents are definitely my favourite.

 I got my usual array of candles, smellies and, randomly, a tonne of coffee this year so it was definitely a success. I also included the Rare dress because I bought it from a friend for NYE a couple of days before Christmas... Buying things that close to Christmas just makes them presents to yourself, right? I've wanted the dress for ages so it was the icing on my Christmas cake to finally own it. My boyfriend also treated me to a beautiful necklace that you see on my instagram and the Great Gatsby on DVD as i'm huge fan of the 1920s and Baz Luhrmann's insane talent.  
Of course, like most bloggers doing this post, I haven't uploaded this to be a show off or brag, it's just nice to be nosey sometimes isn't it? And to look back on a truely amazing Christmas. I haven't had the best 2013 but I've seen it off in style and can't wait to hopefully make 2014 lovely! 

What did you get for Christmas? 

G xxx


  1. Lovely gifts! jealous of the baking stuff so cute and I love to bake as well :)


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