REVIEW: Arbonne Clear Control Skincare

First of all, I just want to apologize for my serious absence. I've recently found full time work and also suffered a bout of the flu which hasn't made for much productivity.
However, i've settled into my job and seem to be recovering ok so i'm back!

I was given this 'Clarifying Set' mid January and have been using it since. The set contains a clarifying blemish face wash (103ml), clarifying blemish toner (118), clarifying blemish lotion (50ml) and (are you sensing a pattern?) the clarifying blemish cream (12ml). 
 I hadn't previously heard of Arbonne, who as a brand are vegan and all about purity etc., so I was a little skeptical at first. The list of ingredients in all these products was extensive and as someone with excessively sensitive, dry skin, I tend to avoid over complicated things that may aggravate my skin. However, as you can see by the pictures, this stuff really works.. Before I started using the Arbonne I had begun having very severe, bright red clusters of spots breaking out, especially around my forehead. I managed to track down the cause to my pill, which I can't change, so I thought I was stuck and began to feel really down and self conscious about it. I'm not a skin/biology expert but I was also a little worried about how skincare could really work when the problem is essentially in my body.  However I noticed an immediate difference (i'm talking within 3 days) and as you can see from the picture, within a week my skin was totally cleared. 

I honestly don't have any criticisms of these products: there is a good range, from a facewash to an amazing toner, which I apply before my makeup, a face lotion for everyday use which I apply every other night and the Blemish Cream which clears up infected or really big spots within days. As i've said in this post and on my blog previously, I suffer really bad with dry skin: my skin often blisters and cracks from dryness and normally I can only use Cocoa Butter on my face, especially when it is as irritated as it was from acne, but to my surprise and delight these products didn't dry out or irritate my skin at all which is amazing, especially for such hardworking products. Even after almost 3 months of use, my skin still gets along really well with all of these products with no drying out or irritation. 

When I first started using the set I would use the facewash, then toner, then lotion and then apply a thin layer of the cream over the worst effected areas. I think this was best for badly effected skin: it combated the issue quickly and effectively and surprisingly, didn't use up the products as quickly as I was expected; as cliche as it sounds, you really do only have to use a little of these products to see a difference. Now that my skin and I are beginning to get used to the products, i've changed and lowered my usage to what suits me. Although the products are expensive- the set is £54 on the Arbonne website- I genuinely think it is worth it if you're suffering really badly with your skin. This stuff really works and contains everything you need. Although it sounds a lot I can say hand on heart, I have probably spent over £50 on various treatments, facewashes etc that haven't worked in the last 6 months before I got this set which looks set to last me at least 4/5 months hopefully even longer making it value for money for me. 

I absolutely could not recommend these products anymore: most importantly they work and they're suitable for all skin types, even extreme ones. You can purchase Arbonne goods from the website or you may know a representative who could give you advice and potentially testers etc. to try to see what suits you.

Have you tried any Arbonne products before? 


*Disclaimer: I was given this product to review but all opinions are my own.


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