It's been a while since I did a haul post due to an impromptu spending ban. I did also pick up these gorgeous sandals which I felt deserved a post unto themselves but other than that, i've been absolutely angelic with my spending so, obviously, when I recieved my first full time wage I had to go a little crazy.. 
*Picture Heavy*

Topshop Embellished Dress:
Dresses like this are why I love instore shopping! An oddment, it was in the Topshop sale for a bargain £15. There's absolutely nothing wrong with it and the colour and detailing is so unusual. I can't wait to wear it in the summer.

Primark Ring:
I'm not usually a fan of Primarks jewellery as i'm a bit of a costume jewellery snob. However, this ring feels really well made, sturdy and is really unusual. 

Primark suede slipper shoes:
I love when Primark do bargain basics like this! I picked up these shoes for only £4 and I know they come in a range of colours. They're so comfortable and the perfect everyday shoes. Slightly boring but definitely a wardrobe staple. 

Black Chelsea Boots- Primark (similar here):
Another bargain, these were in the sale for only £6! I've not had flat boots in a few years, preferring ones with a slight heel, but for the price I couldn't resist picking these up as everyday shoes throughout spring when the weather is still slightly temperamental as I was sick of my feet getting wet! They're also ridiculously comfy- I didn't even have to wear them in before wearing them all day. If you can track them down, i'd definitely recommend buying a pair. 

Embellished shorts- Internationale:
I actually bought these shorts from the kids section where I pick up a lot of my clothes. They're elasticated at the top so they're seriously comfy (hello food baby!) and made of a really light, chiffon material with rose gold/ silver sequin detailing. They're the perfect holiday shorts (wishful thinking!) although i'm now left hunting down things to wear them with- can anyone recommend anywhere I can pick up a good quality black crop top from? 

Oasis gingham sun dress (similar here): 
I got this beautiful dress, originally from Oasis, from a charity shop after spending a week admiring it in the window, trying it on leaving it then going back the next day after deciding I couldn't live without it! It's truly beautiful- it's button up with a matching fabric belt and made of a strange, thick sort of Mac (?) material. I've never seen anything quite like it and I just couldn't resist it's vintagey charm. Playsuit via Next2Nowt (similar here) : 
I'm not normally one for loud patterns or bright colours but this play suit was only £6 in the sale on next2nowt so I figured I could be brave and not worry too much if I hated it. I was completely surprised when it arrived- it's made of a really light, thin cotton material and is a beautiful fit- it tucks in perfectly at my waist and isn't too long. A pleasant surprise! 

I've been after a black kimono for what feels like forever but they're just so expensive for what is essentially a big scarf and I just couldn't justify spending £40 on one. Another n2n sale buy, this was only £9! It's absolutely perfect for me- with tasseled 3/4 sleeves that aren't too long or fussy and a really interesting sheer pattern at the back. 

Aren't these just the cutest? They're basically just athletic shorts with a really intense leopard print. I bought them for when I go running in the summer and for relaxing days on holiday. 

Gold ballet flats - Topshop (similar here and :
For some reason, although I fully intended on buying lots of practical, work clothes, I somehow ended up with lots of summer clothes..? I originally went to Topshop to take back a wooly scarf and ended up smitten with these gold, sparkly chunky ballet pumps. I love how 'party shoe' they are and  they were the last ones, in my size for a bargain £7; how could I say no?

 And finally.. 

Topshop satchel via Next2Nowt (similar here and here): 
I've been after a petite, brightly coloured satchel for ages after deciding impulsively I definitely absolutely needed one for spring and after seeing this river island one. However the river island one was a little out of my price range and I couldn't find any in a colour I liked in my price range. So, the second i spotted this beauty I had to have it! It was only £7 and it's just beautiful. It's neon pink and bigger than I was expecting- it's probably just slightly smaller than your average satchel- and it makes such a statement. I took the long strap off (it was a little too schoolgirl chic for me!) and have been carrying it using the small handle. It fits the bill perfectly and is so well made and colourful! 

Shameful admitance now... This actually isn't the only haul I have.. I managed to call into my local ASDA the night the sale started (don't you love it when that happens?) and got some more serious bargains but I figured i'd save that for another day.
Thanks for sticking with me if you did!
Any more next2nowt fans out there? Any sale buys you had to have? 


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