March Favourites:

I recently signed up to Netflix and as a result, i've been watching a lot of 90s films. I love the fashion, the music, everything. So I had to include my favourite line from my favourite film, Clueless. Cher is still such an icon. Sassy, intelligent and still fashionable 20 years later. What a girl. 

Half up Hair: 
Although I sort of went off this style when I realized Harry Styles had been copying me, it's so easy and gets my new, annoying fringe out of my face. I like to wear it like a true 90s baby and have the front bit worn really high with some strands around my face, but for work, I wear it as pictured- further back and minus the annoying strands. Now I just need a bunch of scrunchies in a rainbow of colours and i'm set!

The Birthday Princess:
My beautiful, hilarious, endlessly entertaining baby niece turned the big 4 this month! I bought her a little mermaid costume and we ate lots of cake to celebrate. She is just my favourite little person ever and gets more fashionable (wardrobe envy alert!) and gorgeous everyday. What a doll. 

I absolutely love this song. This and F for you by Discloure have become my favourite running songs and make me so excited for summer! Kiesza has such an amazing voice and it's so refreshing to see a girl doing so well in much a male saturated genre of music. 

I normally end up with a range of charity badges and pins because I can't resist a cute old man or lady with a bucket in the supermarkets but these Marie Curie ones are my absolute favourites. Daffodils are one of my favourite flowers and this pin is such a splash of colour. It's also for such a good cause I can't help but include it. 

And speaking of charity, I was a little skeptical of the 'no make up selfies' that started doing the rounds on Facebook. I didn't really see the point and can't bear being without my 'brows. However, when Cancer Research announced the selfies had helped them raise a huge £1 million pounds in a DAY I just had to get involved and do my bit. 

What have been your favourites this month?



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