REVIEW: Lacura Coconut Body Butter

Lacura Body Butter:
On a trip to Aldi this week I couldn't resist this Coconut Body Butter.
As i'm sure you're all aware, i'm a staunch lover of The Body Shop's Cocoa Butter but for only £1.99 I couldn't resist this dupe. If i'm really honest, I bought this body butter because I love the packaging and it smells fantastic- it's quite a synthetic coconut smell but not overly fake.. it reminds me of Bounty bars and coconut scented candles so it's just 

I was really pleasantly surprised by the actual product: it's really thick and creamy but it works into the skin really well and leaves me feeling hydrated and silky smooth while smelling like a bounty bar. My only criticism would be that it takes forever for the butter to sink in- it spreads out and works in beautifully but then it just sort of takes on my skin for a little while before finally absorbing. I've noticed this mostly on my hands: I take the body butter to work with me and use it intermittently throughout the day to keep my hands soft and the butter seems to just form a thin layer on my skin and stay there. 

Apart from the time it takes to work in, there is literally nothing I dislike about this butter. Sure it isn't quite as moisturizing or as effective as the Body Shop's butter but for £10 less, you get a really effective body butter that's ideal for all skin types (it didn't irritate my dry skin which is always a bonus). I'll definitely be back to purchase this butter in 'Shea' and Aldi also sell a Raspberry Body Butter. Trying this body butter has made me really curious about the rest of Aldi's body and skin care, are there any other bargain buys I should look out for? What are your favourite Aldi buys?


  1. Sorry to see this after almost a year.
    Their Lacura range is fantastic.
    Whether it's the shower gels or body moisturisers or their various face serums, they are effective and represent excellent value for money.

    Google any of their Lacura range and you'll see great reviews in the press.


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