River Island Sandals:

Hi world!
Sorry for my absence. I've recently started full time work and had a couple of hectic weekends so have shamefully been neglecting my blog. However i'm back and decided to devote a full post to these absolutely delightful shoes I recently picked up in River Island. I saw them online and tried to talk myself out of them... I didn't need them, when would I wear them?... However once I saw them in store I just couldn't resist. 

They're platform sandals with a really thick ankle strap and gorgeous strap detailing. They feel really retro and 70's. I love their versatility: they could easily be going out shoes or everyday sandals. If they're comfy enough (which they seem to be so far) I will happily wear these shoes everyday of summer. 

I felt a little extravagant spending £50 on a pair of what are essentially sandals but who can resist when they're this stunning? 
Have you picked up any summer buys yet? Anyone else purchased these beautys? 



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