"Mane 'n Tail" Conditioner:

Mane 'n Tail Deep Moisturizing Conditioner: 
I must admit, when it comes to my hair i'm normally loathe to shake my routine up. However, my hair has recently grown a fair amount (would you like a post on hair growth? Is that a thing?) and after a disaster with a V05 conditioner that completely disagreed with my hair, I decided to try something new to encourage my hair to continue growing and maybe give me the Emma Watson transformation I so crave..
Enter "Mane 'n Tail":
 I saw someone recommend this conditioner on instagram and after a quick nosey of the reviews on Amazon I was sold. Mane 'n Tail was originally used on horses but after the trainers saw such good results, they decided to use it on their human hair. Mane 'n Tail caught on to this and adapted the formula to be both horse and human friendly. 
I must admit, the conditioner isn't quite as good as I was expecting, however, I also know i'm chasing a pipedream wanting something that will completely tame my hair and for £4.50 (inc. p&p) this is a serious good conditioner. My hair was noticeably smoother and the ends were much softer. However, it doesn't touch frizz at all and the next day my ends feel really brittle (Although I do really need a haircut so don't let this put you off!) and I honestly couldn't explain the smell: it's almost Plasticine-y in the bottle and then is completely without a smell once on and in the hair which is strange.
I was impressed with this conditioner for the price and it noticeably changed the texture and feeling of my hair in a good way and i'll definitely re-review after a hair cut but it just feels as though it doesn't have the lasting power to really change my hair, which isn't a shock considering the masses of unruliness I have.
If you have thinner, more manageable hair then I imagine this is probably going to be a wonder product for you but for Hagrid heads like myself, it just doesn't quite make the cut. 

Have you tried Mane 'n Tail? Any conditioners you would recommend? 


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