L'Oreal Wild Ombré Shade 3:

I dyed my hair over with a Superdrugs 'Natural Rich Dark Brown - 6.7 a couple of weeks ago and although I love embracing my natural shade, I couldn't help feeling a little bored with the all over colour. So, inspired by my favourite hair inspo Khloe Kardashian I bought a box of L'Oreal's widly popular ombre hair dye for a measley £4.99 from Superdrug.

I bought the dye in shade 'no. 3' which is intended for "blonde to dark blonde" hair because the ones for brown hair looked far too orange and brash for my liking. After doing the dip dye, i'm so glad I went lighter; as you can see my dip dye did come out very copper based so I can only imagine how much more orange based the darker kits would have made it.
I only left the ombré dye on for 20 out of a recommended 25-45 minutes because I was so paranoid about it going wrong but as the pictures show, the colour is still much lighter than before. The process was a little messy and complicated but I found separating my hair as recommended and then putting a bobble up to where I wanted it dip dyed kept it more or less even (which was my biggest worry!) and don't forget the back! If you have someone who could check you've applied it evenly I would definitely recommend it: I found doing the front bits relatively straight forward once I got the hang of it but not being able to see the back meant I had no idea if it was even. I still don't!

I'm planning on buying another dye this week to hopefully get it a little blonder and a little less copper coloured but what do you think? Have you tried the wild ombré kit? What do you think of my dip dye? 



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