Topshop Wishlist:

You know what I love? Overpriced wishlists full of clothes I can't afford.
With that in mind, let me introduce you to my Topshop wishlist! 

Honestly, I only went on to the Topshop website to browse the Kate Moss collection but not only have they seemingly restocked all the best KM buys (that aztec smock will be mine) their new summer stock is blowing my bank accounts dreams of ever being healthy. The Kate Moss picks mostly speak for themselves; iconic, slightly ridiclous and definitely not sensible-work-wear, I can't help hoping I manage to get my hands on all of them. They're culturally important, you know? I find myself searching every summer for a pair of reasonably priced sandals that I like and that fit my tiny feet. While I love my River Island sandals, these delicate little gold sandals seem to be calling my name.The bag and the jeans are quite self explanatory; black structured totes are my favourite bags and i'm so obsessed with how Celine inspired this Topshop number is. The jeans are a slight wildcard; I normally live in dresses, playsuits and skirts, especially in summer, but after seeing Kim Kardashian rock a pair recently and watching far too many 90s films, I keep finding myself being drawn to ripped, bleached jeans; paired with strappy sandals I think they're ridiculously chic. 

What are your Topshop must haves this season?


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