Rose Jam Bubbleroon:

The first goodie to be used out of my amazing 'Think Pink' gift set, I treated myself to a Rose Jam bubble bath after a tough week at work and a throat infection left me feeling a little worse for wear.
The online description for Rose Jam says 'For a rosier mood and softer skin' and I can definitely agree with the 'softer skin' part; I only used half of the bubbleroon in my bath and my skin felt amazing- the shea butter really works. In terms of bubbles and colour, I was fairly impressed... my bath turned a slightly strange grey/pink colour but there was an impressive amount of bubbles and the scent wasn't as strong as I expected, but it was still fragrant and enjoyable. 

I'd definitely purchase Rose Jam again, if only to follow the advice of someone on who suggests buying a few and storing them in the wardrobe to make their clothes smells amazing.. what a dreamy idea! 

Do you love Rose Jam? What's your favourite Lush bath time product? 



  1. This bath bomb sounds great! I hardly have baths but when i do i love to use them :)

    Love Emma xx


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