Every Day Makeup:

I seem to add a new 'Every Day makeup post every few months but I honestly switch up my every day products so much- i'm the first to try a new product and I hoard way too many products that I forget about and rediscover that make for an ever changing, fresh make up essentials post!

I start my make up by applying Benefit's Erase Paste to any blemishes and my under eyes. I also tend to sweep a little under my eyebrow for a little more definition and smoothness. 

I then apply "The Porefessional" all over my face with my fingers to prep my skin and provide a base for my foundation. I love how silky and smooth this product makes my skin feel.

Then comes the foundation.. I tend to switch up my foundation regularly so at the moment i'm using Bourjois' "Healthy Mix Serum" which is a blogger favourite. Don't get me wrong though, I love how glowing and fresh my skin looks after using the serum, but i'm looking for a new foundation.

Finally I sweep Avon's "Ideal Flawless" Pressed Powder over my face, mostly my cheeks and my neck to avoid the dreaded 'Tidemark' look! I absolutely love the powder- it's so light and heavy at the same time and doesn't cling to my skin or go patchy. 

The Brushes:
I use a "Benefit Cosmetics Foundation Brush" for my concealer- I find it doesn't aggravate my skin as much as concealer brushes and find it works the product in much quicker. For my foundation I, of course, use the "Real Techniques Expert Face Brush" to work the product into my face. For the money, the Real Techniques brush is definitely one of a kind. Once you buy a RT Expert Face Brush you won't look back. 

For my eyebrows, I used to swear my Benefit's "Big Beautiful Eyes" kit, using the brown eyeshadow provided, however, after being gifted the Smokin' Eyes kit, I found the black eyeliner powder (pictured) is the perfect shade and texture for stronger, bolder look. I've always used Benefit's powder eyeliner / eyeshadow products for my eyebrows and I could rave about them all day. I actually prefer the shadows to Browzings simply for the stronger, bolder colour that is provided using less product. 

For my mascara, again I like variety. Bar Benefit's 'Bad Gal', i've never repurchased any mascaras. I didn't get off to a good start with They're Real but now I can't get enough! Perfect for elongating lashes and adding volume. 

Finally, Benefit's 'Sunbeam' and 'Highbeam'. I don't wear either of these highlighters everyday, but they're definitely the most reached for extras that I add to my everyday look. Both are perfect for highlight and adding definition to my face; to cheekbones, eyebrows etc. 

What are your makeup essentials? 


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