LUSH COSMETICS | Rose Queen Bath Ballistic:

As you can probably see from the pictures, me and this ballistic really did not get on. 

Online, Rose Queen is described as "filled with petals including blue mallow, tiger lily, honeysuckle, apple blossom and amaranth flower, which swirl around you in rosy pink water."
I mean, really? Where was my rosy pink water?! 
I absolutely hated this bomb- to say it started off very promising: a strong pink colour and it smells so beautiful, incredibly fresh and floral, I was really disappointed by the colour (my water went a strange grey-pink rather than the comforter pink I was expecting) and the random pieces of rose 'petals' encased in the bomb that resemble dead insects rather than the rose petals I was expecting. Seriously, there were sticks in my bath with me. That is not my idea of relaxing. 
I spent about half an hour in the tub with this odd ballistic before admitting defeat and banishing it to the bottom of my Think Pink box forever more. 
The reviews on are all completely raving I'm not sure if I simply had a bad experience or if i'm just a bubble bar girl through and through. 

What do you think of Rose Queen?


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