Primark Ankle Boots:

Ankle Boots - Primark 

I know, I know, it looks as though i've become one of *those* people who pine for autumn and wish away summer looking forward to hot chocolates and jumpers but in all honestly, i'm a summer girl through and through (seriously, drink chocolate all year round and pretty summer dresses are so much cuter than boring knits!) although I am a firm believer in buying key season pieces as soon as possible; it means you get the best pieces and can rest safe knowing you don't have to panic buy when the heatwave/ snow kicks in.

With that in mind, I picked up these beautiful navjo inspired ankle boots from, where eslse?, Primark for a bargain £7. They're suede, which isn't ideal for rainy winters but with their sturdy wooden heel and a thick pair of socks, I think i'll manage. I love how the pop of pattern is subtle but still a statement and will fit perfectly into my monochrome wardrobe. As a firm 'fashionable goth' (it's a thing! I promise) I love how these will jazz up a simple outfit without breaking the bank.

Have you picked up any AW staples yet? 



  1. Super cute boots! Bargain too :)


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