Avon Haul:

Every month when i'm handed the Avon book I can't help but squeal with excitement; there's always a great deal on and I always end up with something. This month was no exception: I managed to pick up a much needed new mascara (read about my last one here), a couple of very naughty lipsticks I didn't really needed but really wanted (the pigmented 'Rapid Rose' and the very Kylie Jenner-esque 'Bare Impact' and my two personal favourites, the 
French Connection Watch and the 'Luck' perfume set. 

I picked up the FCUK watch as an alternative to my beloved ICE watch on the days where I want my arm wear to look a little more chic and for only £15 the Luck set (including a perfume, aerosol, body lotion and make up bag) is such a bargain for something that smells so good. 

I'm thinking of working the make up pieces and the perfume set into their own posts and i'm sure you'll see the watch included in an ootd but I just couldn't resist posting a haul of these bargains.

Do you love Avon too? Any essentials I need to pick up?



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