H&M Knitwear Haul:

The recent 20% student discount event at H&M sent me into a little bit of a winter wear hoarder mode. I love jumpers probably more than regular people and i'm ridiculously fussy about them so when I see a jumper I like I have to buy it immediately. This was definitely the case with these jumpers; they're all amazing, none itchy materials and so comfy and warm. I love the colours too; from my beloved black and white to a super cute blush pink colour to an amazing Topshop inspired beige colour number I was really spoilt for choice. 

The fluffy knit is definitely my favourite; I know Primark are currently doing fluffy knits for £10 and this was £14.99 (without discount) but I tried a Primark one and absolutely hated the fit; they made me feel puffed up and like some ridiculous fluffy monster. The H&M knit is completely different - it's thinner and more oversized which makes it feel more trendy and cool rather than me doing a bad impression of the Honey monster. 

I've been really impressed with the quality, prices and variety of the H&M knitwear- i'll definitely be going to them in future for knits that are an amazing quality and amazing quality.


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