Primark Haul:

I absolutely did not need to be hauling in Primark this month: i'm trying to be a proper grown up and save for a flat with my boyfriend and bar a trip to my favourite charity shop (it's for a good cause- i'd be a terrible person if I didn't call in at least once a week) and a sneaky Avon order, i've been positively angelic with my spending...
Until I "called" into Primark. Oops. Here goes a haul!

In my defence, I could have gone a lot crazier but I reined myself in and only tried to buy key pieces I genuinely need for the change of seasons; the hat and scarf are boring necessities but i'll thank myself when i'm warm in winter and I couldn't leave the slips-ons for only £6 - i've seen the ASOS ones doing the rounds but after hearing how uncomfortable they were, I decided against them so when I saw these dupes I decided me and my monochrome wardrobe needed them as a pair of desperately needed water proof casual shoes. To my relief they're so comfortable so i'm glad I didn't splash out.
The clutch and the necklace were my bargain buys because what would a Primark haul be without them? They were both only £1 and while sure I might have a million black bags and statement necklaces, I can never resist when they're less than a coffee! 
And finally, the piece de le resistance, the cleated sole Chelsea boots were an instant love-at-first-sight thing for me, they were only just being unboxed onto the shelves as I was there so I nabbed the first pair of 4's I saw feeling smug with myself for having the Primark buy of the season (in my humble opinion) before they undoubtedly sell out. I recently saw a ridiculously similar pair in River Island so again, i'm glad I didn't splash out because for only £15 these boots are so comfortable and such a statement piece. Grab yours before they're gone! 

What have you picked up from Primark recently? Any must-haves I need in my wardrobe? 


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