Five guys:

So, in case you didn't realise from the title of this post and the pictures- I finally visited Five Guys! Describing itself as a 'fast casual restaurant chain', Five Guys, an American fast food export, opened in Birmingham in March and since it opened i've been so eager to go so last weekend I finally faced the queues and went All The Way...

Walking into Five Guys is an experience in itself; it stands right on the edge of the bullring so you can see the beautiful Selfridges building and do some serious people watching. Inside has such an authnetic American feel with the signiture red and white subway tiles, various reviews printed on the walls and the free peanuts are a nice touch.

In terms of the menu, apparently there are over 250,000 possible burger options but I stuck with the classic 'All The Way No Shrooms' which included two beef patties, peppers, mustard, ketchup, tomatoes, gherkins, fried onions and lettuce and mushrooms for any crazies that like eating fungi. You have to pay extra for fries and your drink which is annoying- who goes just for a burger? But the chips are fried in a cajun spice that is beyond words and there are over 100 different drink flavours. Yep, 100 which, for me, is absolutely the best bit of Five Guys. For only £2.50 you get an unlimited (really decent sized) cup however The Birmingham branch are totally missing a trick by only having two machines (and only one was working on our trip) placed way too close to the counter; meaning at busy times you feel too cramped and rushed to really peruse the drinks menu like you might want to. 

In terms of the actual burger I can't fault it in fact i'm almost drooling thinking about it...(but lets keep that between us); even at peak times the patties are cooked to perfection, and there wasn't too much mustard or ketchup; just the right amount and I won't rave about the fries again (even though I really really want to).As i've already mentioned, it's definitely on the pricey side for what is essentially fast food- sure it might be twice as nice as McDonald's but it's also more than double the price as a burger 'All The Way', little fries and a drink comes in at just over £11. The boyfriend and I reduced our price by sharing a drink (who needs a refillable litre drink each, really?) but I was still a little blown away by the price. 

All in all I absolutely loved Five Guys; I love the little touches, the friendly staff and the amazing food but at over £10 for posh fast food, it's definitely a once in a while treat. 

Have you been to Five Guys? Did you love it as much as me? 


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