LUSH COSMETICS | Father Christmas:

After a recent trip to Lush to pick up another bottle of Snow Fairy (Please don't judge me- it's a once a year obsession I just have to indulge) I wanted to also pick up a bath bomb.. I toyed between my favourite or trying something new and the festive feeling must have swept me away because I ended up with this bath bomb. I can't lie, I mostly went for this bath bomb from the promise of it smelling like Snow Fairy. For me, I definitely got the unmissable Snow Fairy pear drop whiff, but the bath bomb is a little less sweet and more citric- I liked this as it meant I could happily lather myself in Snow Fairy without risking smelling like a sweet shop on steroids. 

As for the actual bath bomb, as you can see the colour was definitely the biggest surprise; the bath bomb is pink when it crumbles under the water (The Lush website might say red but mine was definitely pink!) but immediately the colour changes to a yellow,, then a green then finally settles as a glorious, neon extra-terrestrial green colour. There aren't many bubbles, but that isn't the point of the the bath bomb- they would only hide the alien-hue.

I can't lie though, for me as much as I loved the smell the bath bomb and how squeaky clean it made my skin feel, the colour was just a little bit too full on for me.. sitting in neon green water realising what i'd look like as an alien wasn't my idea of a relaxing evening but if you fancy seeing yourself in space-age form, or want to enhance that Snow Fairy smell, i'd really recommend Father Christmas and I can't wait to try more of the Lush Christmas range!

Do you love Father Christmas? Any other Lush Christmas goodies I need to try? 



  1. Aw this is so cute.
    I love Christmas!


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