September Favourites:

Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer  

A mixed bag for my September favourites, including my new favourite foundation which has found me finally making peace with Rimmel and their ridiculous shades- I wear 100 (Ivory) and although it's still a shade too dark, I love the coverage of the Match Perfection Foundation enough to overlook it and my new favourite hair product, the Andrew Barton Frizz Tamer. 
I included '1984' because I picked up this copy for 50p in a charity shop and haven't been able to put it down or stop thinking about it all month.
 I've seen a couple of stage adaptations of 1984 and had briefly studied the novel in school but never really took the time to properly devour the book. I actually missed my stop on the bus a couple of weeks ago because I was so engrossed in the book! I find George Orwell's books absolutely fascinating - his take on society and his manipulation of words is next level - i'll definitely be adding to my Orwell collection and couldn't recommend this classic enough- although it may give you nightmares! 

Finally, my mum recently picked up this Shea butter, along with a body butter for herself at Manchester airport and we all know how much I love me a body butter. The Shea one has been no exception; it absorbs quickly and makes my skin feel amazingly soft. 

What were your September favourites?          



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