Black Swan Launch:

Last Thursday I was lucky enough to be invited to the launch of a very exciting, new pub in the the centre of Leeds on Call Lane. However, this wasn't just any old pub, this was the Black Swan- a new fusion of the old and the new, the formal and the informal topped with the most amazing yet lethal cocktails i've ever been treated to...


Unfortunately me and my wonderful mum got off to a bad start but we managed to make it in one piece to the Black Swan in time to see the homemade pizzas, made from the unique and very distinct "Motherdough", being made by some of the guests and head chef Anthony. They're all made in the authentic kiln giving them a wonderful smokey taste I couldn't get enough of.We then got the chance to explore Black Swan a little more as we moved to the main bar area. Black Swan have got the interior absolutely spot on; a mix of reclaimed, mix-matched furniture, an amazing atmosphere and a very well stocked bar makes it the kind of place you never want to leave. It manages to transcend between being a high class cocktail bar, a down to earth pub and an authentic pizzeria with no difficultly. It isn't pretentious or trying to hard, it's just effortlessly cool and welcoming.

Then we got to my personal highlight- cocktail making!
The seriously knowledgeable and very enthusiastic bartender (who's name I didn't catch but hopefully you'll see him and his flat cap if you visit!) showed us how to whip up an espresso Martini which tasted divine... he made cocktail making, which has always daunted me, sound so straightforward. 
After we'd been suitably topped up, the owners Si and Shane gave us a talk about the Black Swan and what they're all about. They're so passionate and it really shows in the business. They then ushered us to the outside balcony terrace area which is basically surrounded by built up buildings which gives it a really cosmopolitan feel; I felt like I was tucked away in NYC! The terrace will eventually be a decking area perfect for those balmy summer evenings I keep forgetting exist. Finally, we went back inside and after being handed another cocktail of our choice (I went for the fruity yet refreshing 'Pink Swan' which I would definitely recommend) we settled down for the Yorkshire pub quiz. I'd love to say our team: me, my mum and the lovely Laura from Peaches and Green  did well but we failed miserably (too many of the amazing Mai Thai cocktails!) although Diane from A Tale of Two Sittings and Danielle from Dancing Through The Fire did amazing and totally put us to shame.  

I had the most amazing evening at Black Swan. I can't wait to go back and explore more- their secret outdoor terrace, the different rooms that each tell their own story and most definitely their impressive cocktail and food lists.
Thank you for a wonderful night Black Swan, I can't wait to come back!


*This was a media launch - all food and drink was provided me free of charge*


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