At the beginning of December Samuel and I decided to explore a little bit more of the world and booked a trip to Budapest. It's no secret I love cities and although i'm desperate to visit Paris, we couldn't justify such an expensive trip just before Christmas. Budapest is actually the cheapest city in Europe so we booked a trip with a little trepidation and hoped for the best.... 

We arrived on Wednesday evening to our hotel over looking Heroes Square which was beyond all my expectations- they even offered a takeaway service so after a long day travelling we could simply curl up in the insanely comfy beds, order some amazing burgers and relax. When Thursday came round we woke up and headed to Budapest Zoo which was amazing. For a measly £5 entrance fee there is an aquarium, a petting zoo, sections from around the world and we were even given a one to one tour of the 'Darwin' exhibition. After a coffee and cake, we headed for a wander around the city park and the Hungarian museum of Agriculture which was one of the most beautiful buildings I have ever seen. In the evening we took a taxi into the centre of Budapest and headed to the Christmas market which, after a couple of cups of Mulled Wine I completely forgot to photograph... oops. I'm not normally one for Christmas Markets because I appreciate my personal space, but the Budapest one was so authentic, varied and well spread out that I really enjoyed it. 

On Friday we woke up early and headed for a coffee-and-croissant breakfast in one of Budapest's many, gorgeous little cafes- their independent coffee shops put our overpriced, bland Starbucks etc. completely to shame. We walked into the centre of the city afterwards and spent the day sightseeing; we visited St Stephens Bascillica, the Hungarian Parliament building and really emerged ourselves into the city and culture. Budapest has the most amazing mix of old, majestic buildings and all the modern amenities and features any good city should have. We stayed in the centre of Budapest all day (stopping for regular coffee and cake breaks, obviously!), and even enjoyed some cocktails in the Hard Rock Cafe which topped off our whirlwind trip perfectly. 

I absolutely loved Budapest and definitely want to go back. Have you ever been? Any other  


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