Lush Christmas Haul:

Now I know most of these goodies (bar my number one LUSH product, the infamous Comforter) are seasonal and Christmas only but since I decided against doing a "What I Got For Christmas" post I wanted to incorporate a little bit of the Christmas spirit into my blog..... in January. I'm looking at it as a really early way of you knowing what to buy next Christmas and reviewing these lovely, bubbly gifts that are making my bedroom smell fantastic. I'm a prolific hoarder of Snow Fairy but I couldn't do a LUSH Christmas post without mentioning it! If you've never tried Snow Fairy you are missing out on a treat. It's basically Christmas in a bottle with it's pear drop smell and amazing pink lather. I also use it as bubble bath to have the most amazing smelling baths. I was also lucky enough to be treated to a couple of Lush's christmas bath goodies; the Snow Fairy scented 'Magic Wand' Bubble Bar and the Butterbear Ballistic which is a must have for Cocoa Butter lovers like myself. I'm not sure if i'll ever get round to using these goodies since they smell so amazing but i'll be posting about them as soon as I do!

Did you get any Lush must haves for Christmas? Any Christmas specials I need to try next year?


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