Night-Time Skin Routine:

When I turned 20 I promised myself I would throw myself into a proper skin care routine; it's fine being lazy with my skin now but I know in 20 years i'll hate myself for my lax approach to keeping those wrinkles at bay. I bought the Body Shop's Camomile makeup remover a few months go and I absolutely swear by it now; it makes my skin so soft and removes all my make up with no problems. On my lazy nights (hey, i'm still human!) I allow myself to just use this to take off my face because it's so moisturising.
Next up I use the Vitamin E serum-in-oil and the eye cream to keep any pesky wrinkles at bay and keep my skin smooth and silky and finally, if my skin has had a breakout, I use the Arbonne Blemish calming cream to target specific areas straight away. That's it for my skin; I didn't want a complex routine so I stuck to a few products to do it all.
The other two items I included, the hand food and the sleep mist are probably the cheapest on my list and actually, probably my favourite. Although I don't find 'Hand Food' as softening and easily absorbed as the Body Shop's 'Vitamin E' hand cream ( which lives in my handbag), I love the smell and it really does work. Finally, the sleep mist (which is now a bargain £2.20!) is easily the best product i've ever used to help tackle my recurring insomnia - I don't understand how it works but I simply spray it all over my pillow and blankets and let myself drift away.

What's in your night time routine? Any must-haves I need to include? 



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