Rimmel Stay Matte Primer:

I've been a fan of Benefits 'Porefessional' for almost as long as I've been wearing makeup and couldn't imagine not using a primer but I can't deny I've been tempted by the other, cheaper primers that have exploded onto makeup counters everywhere. I went with Rimmel since I currently use their 'Match Perfection' and find the coverage unbeatable. For £5.99 it's almost £20 cheaper than Benefits Porefessional and although I wasn't expecting much, I've been very pleasantly surprised. 

The primer is much thicker than Benefits but not as greasy. I simply apply it with a sponge all over my face and although I have to use more than with Porefessional, I find it sits much nicer on my skin and means my foundation goes on like a dream and lasts all day. 

For the price, I'd definitely recommend trying Rimmels Stay Matte Primer. Are there any other drugstore primers I need to try? 


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