Trinity Kitchen:

You might have seen my post about my Leeds Trinity Primark haul, but I couldn't go to Trinity without trying one of the many restaurants. 
We originally wanted to go to The Alchemist (that i've been dying to try since it opened!) but the boy wanted real food and I couldn't decide what I wanted so we headed to Trinity Kitchen to see what took our fancy - Trinity Kitchen is basically a huge space filled with seven permanent restaurants areas and 5 street food vendors that change monthly. It means, in one area, you have this amazing mix of smells, people and sights selling everything from Champagne cocktails to burgers to recycled food. (no, seriously!) 

We finally settled on 'Chicago Burger Shack'  because if there's one thing me and the boy can agree on, it's that we love burgers. I went for the Classic 100% beef burger with extra cheese and a chocolate shake and Sam choose the Cheese and Bacon burger (with a caramel shake). We were handed a pager and went to explore a little further and took a seat. When our food arrived I didn't even manage to photograph it because I was that hungry and it was so good. Seriously, the meat wasn't at all chewy or too greasy and my shake was perfect; not too thick and mixed with ice cubes to make it refreshing. I also have it on very good authority that the caramel shake was equally as delicious. 

As much as I loved Chicago Burger Shack, if I went back I think i'd definitely try another restaurant- there's so much choice and I loved the look of the pizza, the Mexican and the contemporary Indian... 

Have you ever been to Trinity Kitchen? Any restaurants I need to try next? 



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