AVON Nailwear Pro - Impulsive Sky:

Isn't this just the most gorgeous colour you've ever seen?
 It half reminds me of a Mediterranean sea and the bluest summer skies. I'd actually picked up a very similiar shade already via Avon, but I couldn't resist this pop of colour (you can see how I love it... i'm wearing it in this post!). Although you can't really see from this picture (thanks Apple for randomly deleting most of my carefully edited and selected blog pictures!) this polish is actually a really stuble shimmery shade with large flecks of glitter / sequins in it which gives it a really quirky, 3d look. I love a nice bit of shimmer and it just adds to the summery feel of this colour. The polish itself applies really smoothly and not too watery or gloopy (is that a real word?) which is something I love about Avon nail polishes; they're consistently brilliant for a good value and they have some gorgeous shades. 

Any other Avon shades I need to try? 



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